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According to U.S. census data, eCommerce grew 44% in Q2 2020, achieving three years of growth in three months.

That’s how fast eCommerce has accelerated in 2020. What would have taken 3 years on a normal growth curve to achieve is what we’ve seen from global eCommerce sales in one quarter. We are seeing record growth numbers.

Yet, it’s a constant struggle for most eCommerce sellers & brands to grow simply because they do not have access to working capital.

With working capital, you can:

– Invest in advertising and gain new customers.
– Launch new products that increase your average order value.
– Replenish your inventory or stock up for seasonal sales.

E-Commerce is becoming more and more competitive, whether you are a marketplace seller or DTC brand. With any one of our funding solutions, you can apply in minutes and have working capital in under 48 hrs, to allocate towards advertising that will increase traffic and new customers.

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